Cappuccino Girls promotion design
Supporting a long running musical production for its return to Swansea with logo design, posters, adverts and a magazine.

Maldwyn Pope

The Story
Cappuccino girls by composer Mal Pope is the longest running British musical outside of the West end, and it came to Swansea to find home in a new immersive venue with a sequel to follow.
The Objectives
⬤    Promotional material
⬤    Programme in the style of a table top magazine
⬤    Logo for the upcoming sequel, The Paradox of Choice

The Result
The logo was a simple rework of the original, increasing the size of the primary title and toning the pink down slightly while adding a feathered texture in the background. The 'glossy mag' style programme was originally intended to be almost entirely an advertising piece, working with clients to provide themed adverts for content, but it was felt we could add value to the programme by bringing in a backstory about the production and the venue. Mal loved it the idea, almost instantly providing ample text to make them features in their own right.
Advert mock-up for the sequel, Paradox of Choice
Advert mock-up for the sequel, Paradox of Choice
Excerpt form the programme
Excerpt form the programme